Fikir Hasadi

Mersin, Turkey
April 2019
Coordinator: Mezilti Agricultural and Forestry Directorate

In this Youth Exchange project 30 young people from Turkey, Greece, Poland, Romania, Portugal and Slovakia traveled in Turkey, in April 2019 and engaged in multiple activities and planned visits where they learned about sustainable agricultural production and discussed rural development and competitiveness. 

“We loved our planned visits, especially the one in an organic strawberry farm, where not only we learned a lot about agriculture and sustainable farming, but we also had the chance to work with our own hands and feel like real farmers. Moreover we walked through the Heaven & Hell cave, where we admired the natural beauty of the formation inside the cave.
Our favorite part was directly connected with the cultural exchange that we had. There were people from countries that we barely heard on the past and it was really exciting to talk with them, dance together and make jokes about life and more. During the intercultural evening, we tasted their local food and other delights and got an idea of the culture of each participating country.
Together we had a great collaboration in the planned activities and the whole project brought joy to all of us. We cannot imagine of anyone left unsatisfied after the end of the project. Till this day we keep in touch we each other and hope to meet on another Erasmus+ project soon.”

The Greek delegation


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