INTERSIC is a non for profit organisation established in 2015. INTERSIC is a typical Social Innovation Centre based in Athens Greece with a wide spectrum of activities and collaborations not only in Greece but all over Europe.

Of the main aims of INTERSIC's is the development and contribution in local, regional and international activities and EU funded programmes, so to address the issue of social exclusion and promote the concept of social and green economy along with sustainable development always taking into account the specific characteristics of the country and the social target group.

INTERSIC aims at the:

Support of actions and initiatives of the local and regional community
Integration and/or re-integration of social excluded groups
Rehabilitation of addicts
Promotion of culture
Education and training
Scientific research
Promotion of social economy as a key factor to address the main social issues and challenges
Collaboration with the public and private entities with common goals and objectives


INTERSIC is located at Athens, in the region of Attica, Greece. It is the capital of the Greek  State.

Address: 5 Perikleous Avenue, Athens - Attica
Cholargos 15561,

Tel.: +30 2155557662