Make it a Game for the Refugees

Athens, Greece
May 2019
Coordinator: INTERSIC

In this Youth Exchange project, 21 participants form Greece, Poland, Austria, Spain, Italy, Turkey and Serbia took part in a series of activities that were focused on Gamification of learning and Game-based learning. These methods were used as an example of how youth workers can effectively educate refugees. The implementation took place in May 2019, in the city of Athens, Greece.

“This project was undeniably a unique experience for all of us! We made a whole bunch of friends and had a great time together with people from all over Europe. We loved the motivational games that the organization planned for us, as we had the chance to meet each other and easily got to know all of the participants while playing and having fun.
As the project’s main idea was the gamification of learning and the educational games, everyone clearly enjoyed his stay in Athens, as nearly each activity included games, collaboration and fun. We felt very creative and unveiled our skills on thinking outside of the box.
On our free time we liked to hang out together and walk on the heart of the city, where we were staying. We cannot forget the time when we formed separate teams and competed against each other team on a city game, where we had to search for different treasures around the center and identify multiple buildings. “


The Greek delegation


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