We Have Visitors Beyond Borders

Pinarhisar, Turkey
August 2019

This Erasmus+ project had the following main objectives: cultural enrichment of the young participants and acquisition of knowledge on sport activities and other activities in the nature. In total 45 participants from Turkey, Lithuania, Italy, Poland, Romania, Spain, Latvia, Croatia and Greece took part in the project, which took place in Pinarhisar, Turkey.

“Although we had a previous experience with Erasmus+, we never had the chance to participate in a project with so many sport activities. Apart from that, what made this project unique, was the fact that these activities took place in the nature, in forests, lakes, plain and villages. Furthermore, we spend most of the days in a camping site and thus, we had a real experiences in the nature, away from the noise and the responsibilities of the big cities.
What we enjoyed at its most, was the canoeing at the estuary of the river. It was a majestic experience, where we needed to cross a short lake that was formed and enter the river backwards. Also, one thing that intrigued us was that we learned how to set and carefully open a fire outside in the nature.
Every night we had a presentation of a different country, tasted different delights and snacks and drank from their national drinks. At the end of each day we used to dance traditional dances, lie next to the fire on the camp or play card games.”

The Greek delegation


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