Younger’s Journey to Entrepreneurship

Pinarhisar, Turkey
August 2019

In this Youth Exchange project, participants worked on Entrepreneurship and multiple skills that are required in order to get a job and adjust in the labor market, as an important part helpful in combating youth unemployment. In the beautiful island of Poros, Greece, in April, 30 participants from Poland, Turkey, North Macedonia, Greece, Lithuania and Slovenia gathered and exchanged ideas, cooperated in non-formal educational activities, learned about different cultures.

“We initially worked on CV creation, making our own CV and expanding our horizons on the necessary and unnecessary content that it should have. Later, we worked in teams on business model canvas. We successfully managed to cooperate and bring out a great outcome while learning to compromise and communicate with others for a common goal. One activity that everyone will remember is the creation of short advertisements using videos and photos that we had to collect on our own.
A planned trip to the city of Athens was destined to educate us on the history of the place. Apart from that, we visited a Greek Startup and together opened a discussion on the potential and the risks that Startups have. Along with the intercultural evening and the multiple team building games that implemented during the project, we had a complete Erasmus+ experience, through which we made new friends and learned how to become more creative and competitive.”


The Greek delegation


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